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June 3, 2024
Andree Leong

Insuring Motorcycles and Cars Together

When you buy a motorcycle, you may use it in many ways like your standard vehicle. However, you also may use your vehicle in unique or specialized fashions. You might also face risks on your bike that you don’t face in your standard vehicle.

Drivers likely need insurance on both their standard vehicles and their motorcycles. As you search for vehicle coverage, you might wonder how to maximize the efficiency of coverage. man sitting on the motorcycle

Can You Use the Same Policy for Both Cars and Motorcycles?

You’ve likely heard of what’s called a multi-car insurance policy. With this policy, drivers can often insure multiple vehicles and drivers. They may be able to use similar or identical coverage levels on the same policy. This is often a great way for auto insurance customers to manage coverage under one policy. By having one policy, drivers can often reduce the price they pay for coverage.

If you own both motorcycles and traditional cars, you might want add the vehicle and bike to a multi-car policy. Can you do this? The answer to this question is likely no.

Motorcycles and cars might both be vehicles. However, they require vastly different strategies to operate. Think about it, most vehicles have four wheels, while most motorcycles have two. Operating a motorcycle also requires specialized handling compared to a typical four-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycles therefore pose different risks to their operators than do other cars.

For this reason, motorcycles need their own insurance policies. Motorcycle policies often contain special coverage and limits compared to standard auto insurance. By investing in separate policies for cars and motorcycles, operators can ensure that both vehicles have adequate coverage.

Getting the Right Coverage for Motorcycles

Though motorcycle insurance and auto insurance are both different, they often contain similar characteristics. Motorcycle insurance operators usually can obtain coverage for:

  • Liability Insurance: Can protect motorcycle operators in case their driving actions harm third parties or damage their property.
  • Collision Protection: In the event of an accident, bikers may be able to use insurance to repair or replace the bike.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: More than just accidents can cause damage to a bike. This coverage may protect bikes from weather, fire and theft damage losses.

Each state has different motorcycle insurance requirements. Your motorcycle insurance agent can help you get adequate coverage.

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