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Employee Benefits in Prairie Village, KS

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for most organizations. Employee benefits and competitive insurance offerings can be a key strategy to achieve this goal.

What Is Employee Benefits Insurance?

Employee benefits are benefits or perks for employees in addition to their base pay. Some common employee benefits include the following insurances:

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance

Employers should understand how these benefits can help their employees and their company.

What Is the Purpose of Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits have many purposes, including the following:

  • Help maintain the health and wellness of employees. The focus of many employee benefits packages is health care. Medical coverage may help employees pay for preventive care and other health needs as they come up.
  • Attract talent. Many individuals consider benefits packages when looking for a new job. Talent may look elsewhere if a workplace fails to provide a competitive employee benefits package.
  • Improve retention and job satisfaction. Employee benefits can sometimes be one of the reasons a person stays at a job. Access to such benefits may also help employees feel supported and valued.
  • Compliance. Employers may be legally mandated to provide certain benefits.

Why Are Health Insurance and Benefits Important to Employees?

The following are a few reasons why employee benefits are significant to individuals and their families:

  • Employer-sponsored group health insurance is often more affordable than plans an individual would otherwise have access to.
  • Many employee benefits can help provide employees with a better quality of life.
  • Employees may feel more valued and appreciated by their employers, which can help prevent burnout and improve job satisfaction.
  • Certain benefits may extend to dependents, allowing employees to insure their immediate family members affordably.

How Do Employee Benefits Work?

Health insurance plans provided by employers are often called group insurance plans. Organizations typically purchase and set up group health insurance plans to benefit their employees. Usually, a certain percentage of the organization must opt into the plan. Employees can accept or decline coverage when an organization offers group health insurance. Plan premiums are split between the organization and its employees, with the employer typically paying most of the costs. Coverage may also extend to an employee’s immediate family and/or dependents for an added cost, depending on the policy.

How to Get an Employee Benefits Package

Contact Bovard Insurance Group to discuss employee benefits packages and find the right policy for your organization.

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